Investment Opportunities, Business Intelligence & Related Research


The NMBM has targeted and prioritised specific economic sectors for robust development and investment, namely;
  • Agriculture and agro-processing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Light manufacturing (incl. pharmaceutical, clothing/textiles, rubber, wood)
  • Renewable energy
  • Services (incl business process outsourcing and creative industries)
  • Ocean Economy
  • Tourism and hospitality

The Trade & Investment sub-directorate aims to provide investors with all the intelligence and advice they might need in order to make informed business/investment decisions within the economy of Nelson Mandela Bay.

If you are business investor needing specific information or advice, then our team is here to help source and interpret the information you need:

Mr Jeremy Dobbin   Tel: +27 41 503 7561
Ms Anelisa Nkwandla   Tel: +27 41 503 7527


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