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The Port of PE achieves second position in security excellence nationally

Showcasing the award are from the left Metse Ralepenya (Department of Transport), Tembile Fumana (Operations Manager, Port of PE), Nelson Masophi (Security Manager, Port of PE) and Ralton Grootboom (Security Systems Specialist, Port of PE).

The Department of Transport held its sixth Annual Maritime Security Indaba last night in Simon’s Town, Cape Town. Transnet National Ports Authority’s (TNPA), Port of PE is proud to have achieved second place, amongst all eight South African ports, in maintaining compliance with the ISPS Code. This being an improvement from the previously held third position.


The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is an essential maritime regulation for the safety and security of ships, ports, cargo and crew. Implemented in 2004 by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), ISPS Code is a comprehensive set of measurements for international security prescribing responsibilities to the government authority, port authority, shipping companies and seafarers. It ensures that preventative measures can be taken in the event that a threat is determined.


ISPS requires that the port authority provides assurance that all the facilities are protected from any kind of threats which may arise from both land and water. The assessment and review of the port security plan becomes an essential and integral part of developing, updating and implementing the plan. The Port of PE has thus been recognised for the on-going security improvements it has made through this plan, especially taking into account the future vision of becoming a "Smart People’s Port.”


Nelson Masophi, Port Security Manager at the Port of PE said, "We are very proud, not only of the Port of PE’s security team, but also of all the government agencies, shipping companies, terminal operators and seafarers who have played an integral part in ensuring that the Port of PE upholds the implementation of the ISPS Code certification, putting the safety and security of all those that enter the port in the forefront. It is truly the result of continuous hard work and commitment that we, as a team, were able to achieve this accolade.”


Rajesh Dana, Port Manager at the Port of PE said, "The ISPS Code second position achieved reiterates the principle that safety and security is all of our responsibility. So I not only commend the hard work that our TNPA port security team has achieved, but also the entire port community.  This achievement is further testament to ensuring ZERO HARM to our employees, customers, stakeholders and visitors.”


"We are further pleased that we can assure our local and international visitors, as well as the people of Nelson Mandela Bay, that when they visit the Port of PE, they visit a safe and secure environment which prides itself on providing access to all port stakeholders, without compromise to their wellbeing,” Dana added.


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